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VA health care facilities spent $370 million on Sovaldi last year and will see those costs more than triple in two years. But the high drug costs have greater implications for millions of other Americans who suffer from chronic infections that can destroy the liver and require expensive transplants or result in death. Neither private nor public payers nor the health care system can afford to provide an $84,000-per-patient treatment to every person with HCV, Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy group, said yesterday.

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2, 2014 with the caption, “A little nature walk with the loves of my life! Amazing goal tonight sweetheart! @brookslaich xoxo.” @juleshough/Instagram Things seem to be heating up between Julianne Hough and boyfriend Brooks Laich . The ” Dancing With the Stars ” judge shared a rare Instagram photo Wednesday of her and the NHL star after a hike, declaring him one of the “loves of my life.” “A little nature walk with the loves of my life!” Hough, 26, wrote alongside the pic of the lovebirds and Hough’s two dogs.

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Gay? Straight? Bisexual? Well you’re about to have many more options on OkCupid, one of the most popular sites for people seeking love and connection. OkCupid has about 4 million users, and within the next few weeks the site will give them brand-new options for specifying their gender and sexual orientation options like androgynous, asexual, genderqueer and questioning.

One side bears the elaborate coat of arms, flanked by a lion and a dragon and bearing the motto “Pax Quaeritur Bello” (“Peace is sought by war”). [ 8 Grisly Archaeological Discoveries ] The other side of the plaque bears a Latin inscription recording Cromwell’s title and the dates of his birth, inauguration and death. Cromwell’s rise The dates tell only a fraction of Cromwell’s story , which remains controversial to this day. Cromwell was born into a wealthy family in 1599 and was elected as a Member of Parliament for Cambridge in 1640, a position that catapulted him to power. England was on the brink of a civil war between factions supporting the monarchy (Royalists, or Cavaliers) and those supporting the power of Parliament (Parliamentarians, or Roundheads).

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Im in love with @marhunt and @lilyaldridge, the 24-year-old entertainer captioned the Instagram photo. The week before, Taylor stepped out for the bands show in Los Angeles with Selena Gomez and Ellie Goulding . Taylor sparked rumors that she was dating band member Matt Healy after they were seen wearing each others shirts and he gave an interview confirming they exchanged numbers. DO YOU THINK Taylor Swift and Matt Healy would make a cute couple? Like Just Jared Jr.